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General History - Ancient to 1600 - 1600-1800 - 1800-1900 - Twentieth Century - Hardback Novels
General History
Alexander, Bevin.
How Great Generals Win,
Norton, 1993, 1st ed. Isbn 039303531x, HC w/DJ,
Forbes-Lindsay, C.H.
India Past and Present, volume 2,
Henry T Coates, 1903, HC w/DJ,
Frye, Richard N.
The Heritage of Central Asia: from Antiquity to the Turkish Expansion,
Markus Wiener, 1998, isbn 155876111x, PB
Hanson, Victor Davis.
Carnage and Culture: landmark battles in the rise of western power,
Anchor, 2002, isbn 0385720386, PB,
Leckie, Robert.
The wars of America, two volumes,
Harper & Row, 1968, HC no DJ, some internal marks,
$12.00 For the Set
Manucy, Albert.
Artillery through the Ages: a short history of cannon emphasizing types used in America,
U.S. G.P.O., 1962, PB,
Steel, E.A.
India through the Ages,
George Routledge, 1908, 1st ed., HC no DJ, ex libris, some minor damage,
Watson, Francis.
A Concise History of India,
Thames and Hudson, 1979, PB,
History- Ancient to 1600
Adcock, F.E.
The Greek and Macedonian Art of War,
University of California Press, 1957, isbn 0520000056, PB,
Dennis, George T. trans.
Three Byzantine Military Treatises,
Dumbarton Oaks Texts IX, 2000, isbn 0884021408, HC w/DJ,
Haldon, John.
Byzantium, a history,
Tempus, 2000, 1st ed., isbn 0752417770, HC w/DJ,
Hildings, Erik.
Warriors of the Steppe: a military history of Central Asia, 500 B.C. to 1700 A.D.,
Sarpedon, 1997, 1st ed., isbn 1885119437, HC wDJ,
Kaegi, Walter.
Byzantium and the Early Islamic conquests,
Cambridge University Press, isbn 0521411726, PB
Polybius and Pseudo-Hyginus:
Fortification of the Roman Camp,
Ares Publishers, nd, isbn 0890055181, PB,
Stephenson, I.P.
Roman Infantry Equipment: The Later Empire.
Tempus, 1999, 1st ed., isbn 0752414100, HC w/DJ,
Warry, John.
Warfare in the Classical World: war and the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome,
Salamander Books, 1998, isbn 1840650044, PB,
Watson, G.R.
The Roman Soldier,
Cornell University Press, 1993, isbn 0801493129, PB,
History- 1600 to 1800
Palmer, Dave Richard and James W. Stryker.
Early American Wars and Military Institutions,
USMA, Avery, 1986, isbn 0895293242. HC,
Seymour, William.
Be your own Napoleon: How would you command ten of historyís greatest battles?
Bramhall House, 1988, isbn 0517665565, HC w/DJ,
History- 1800-1900
Carr, Caleb.
The Devil Soldier: the American soldier of fortune who became a god in China,
Random House, 1995, PB,
Hardee, Brevet Lieut. W.J.
Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, for the instruction, exercises
and manoeuvres of riflemen and light infantry,
np, nd, PB,
Hatch, Thom.
The Blue, The Gray, The Red: Indian Campaigns of the Civil War,
Stackpole, 2003, 1st ed., isbn 081170016x, HC w/DJ,
Hoefler, Paul L.
Africa Speaks,
John C. Winston, 1931,HC w/DJ, DJ ripped and some damage cover,
$5.00. Signed by author.
Longacre, Edward.
A Soldier to the Last: Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler in Blue and Gray,
Potomac, 2007, 1st ed. HC w/DJ,
Luke, Harry Charles.
A Bibliography of Sierra Leone,
Negro Universities Press, 1969, HC no DJ,
History- Twentieth Century
Rich, Norman.
Hitler's War Aims: ideology, the Nazi State, and the Course of Expansion,
Norton, 1992, isbn 0393008029, PB,
Williams, Andrew.
The Battle of the Atlantic: the Allies' submarine fight against Hitler's Gray Wolves of the Sea,
Basic Books, 2004, isbn 0465091563, PB,
Hard Back Military Fiction
Bond, Larry. (signed)
Red Phoenix.
Warner Books, 1989, 1st ed. , HC/DJ,
Bond, Larry. (signed)
Warner Books, 1993, 1st ed., HC/DJ,
$5.00, some minor mark s on the jacket.
Cleary, Jon.
The Faraway Drums.
William Morrow, 1982, 1st ed. , HC/DJ,
$5.00. Late British India adventure.
Coyle, Harold.
Team Yankee.
Presidio Press, 1987, 1st ed., isbn 0891412905, HC/DJ,
$5.00, minor damage to jacket corners.
Coyle, Harold.
Sword Point.
Simon and Schuster, 1988, HC/DJ, book club edition,
$5.00, some minor wear on jacket.
Coyle Harold.
Bright Star.
Simon and Schuster, 1990, 1st ed., isbn 0671685422 HC/DJ,
Coyle, Harold.
Trial by Fire.
Simon and Schuster, 1992, 1st ed., isbn 0671732552, HC/DJ,
Coyle, Harold.
The Ten Thousand.
Simon and Schuster, 1993, 1st ed., isbn 0671778005, HC/DJ,
Coyle, Harold.
Code of Honor.
Simon and Schuster, 1994, 1st ed., isbn0671778013,HC/DJ,
Coyle, Harold.
God's Children.
Forge Book, 2000, 1st ed., isbn 0312862962 HC/DJ,
$5.00, some minor marks on jacket.
Coyle, Harold.
Against all Enemies.
Forge Book, 2002, 1st ed.,
Hennessy, Max.
Blunted Lance.
Atheneum, 1981, isbn 0689112203, HC w/DJ,
$5.00. Story about a family with cavalry officers in the
British army from Egypt 1898 to the end of WWI.
Leasor, James.
Follow the Drum.
Charnwood, 1982, isbn0708980333, large print edition,
$5.00. British India and East India Company.
Ledwidge, Bernard.
St. Martinís, 1979, isbn0312309104, HC w/DJ,
$5.00. Story of a young political officer on the Northwest frontier 1939-1941.
Morrell, David.
Last Reveille.
M. Evans, 1977,1st ed. isbn 087131228X, HC/DJ,
$5.00, some minor damage to jacket. Scouting for Pershing 1916.
Saunders, Raymond M.
Fenwick Travers and the Forbidden Kingdom,
Lyford, 1994, 1st ed., HC w/DJ,
Saunders, Raymond M.
Fenwick Travers and the Years of Empire,
Lyford, 1993, 1st ed., HC w/DJ,
Saunders, Raymond M.
Fenwick Travers and the Years of Empire,
Lyford, 1993, 1st ed., HC w/DJ,

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